The Future of Radio: Digital Radio is a Hybrid Multi platform

What does it mean that digital radio is a hybrid multiplatform?  This means that the old radios had a small screen with simple text, with no interaction or multimedia.  Hybrid platforms integrate social media, podcasts and other forms of media, interaction, and participation, voting, and tagging to provide an experience that flows with a connected experience of the world.  They also provide an extraordinary wide range of music options and are thus capable of introducing listeners to new genres or to esoteric favorites within their own genre between digital radio software can catalogue and organize playlists more effectively.


To understand the future of digital radio, it is important to note the three major generations of digital radio:

  1. The digital radio first generation began around 1990. This generation began with the digital radio basic of distinguishing it from analog.
  1. The second generation began around 2000. This generation began with exclusive audio content to digital radio and strategic development of digital audio in some countries.
  1. The third generation of digital audio began as the strategic development for governments began being expressed through market options, thus making digital radio a viable expectation and option for smartphones, multimedia devices, and hybrid broadcast and broadband services.

Digital radio has evolved into an option that complements social media, video sites and other mainstream venues. This change in evolution ensures that digital radio is a desirable transformation of transformation and easily integrated into mainstream lives.  In the world of business and marketing, audio streaming service are expanding their reach. They are advertising integration with technology platforms ranging from game consoles and connected TVs to automobiles and wearables.


Advertising companies rarely distinguish between types of experiences such as playlist or on demand streaming options on digital radio.  They further do not distinguish between streaming services and terrestrial or satellite radio.  It is up to the user to read into the details if it matters to the user and usually it is the price of the service and device along with advertised features that are the best determinate.  Users who utilize blogs such as this to educate about eh variety of features and capabilities are better equipped to seek out the best deals for devices.  Advertises are there for a particular purpose and not to educate the consumer to make the best purchase or to indicate what they would like to see from newly emerging technology.  They are simply looking for where their audience is based and are utilizing market software to track audience by geography, demographics, social connections, and listening behaviors so that they can follow the customer to the next sale.


Generally, advertisers are experimenting with new forms of advertising that may appeal to a marketplace that is becoming increasingly savvy about ways to circumnavigate advertising or to bypass advertising altogether.  Some companies are thus offering advertising at the beginning of programming in promise for an hour of time of uninterrupted advertising.  Perhaps, some companies will also experience with interactive advertising experiences that collect data from customers in exchange for uninterrupted programming.  Also, what may become available are different service plans and packages that circumvent advertising all together or dramatically decrease the intrusion of advertising to problem a carefree, streaming experience.

Overall, listeners want to listen to the radio and receive services without engaging in marketing or shopping unless they choose.  The ability to have control over the experience directly impacts the experience of the software, apps, devices, services, and various outlets for digital radio.  Listeners are looking to increase the quality of their listening experience and overall to enjoy a life that quality, streaming music with little preparation in constructing playlists provides.  As users become more technologically savvy, they are able to figure out ways to make this desire a reality.


This blog is about digital radios and everything you need to know to make informed decisions about what to look for in the best digital radios across the globe. This blog educates on some of the technology behind digital radios and explains things in a way so that you can understand the technical details and how they are expressed in marketing and regulations within specific countries.

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