What is Digital Radio?

Digital radio is the transmission and reception of sound processed into patterns of numbers, or “digits” – hence the term “digital radio.” Digital radio reception is more resistant to interference and eliminates many imperfections of analog radio transmission and reception. Digital radio receivers also exist, that decode analog radio signals using digital electronics. Digital radio is free and broadcast over the airwaves like AM & FM.

Internet radio services are streamed via a one-to-one connection from your internet service provider. Depending on your internet service plan, they will incur a download cost. Free-to-air broadcast radio stations also generally stream their services – including new digital radio services – so you can listen online or on-air via digital.

In addition to audio broadcasts, digital radio offers simultaneous data services to listeners. For example, information about music may be displayed on the receiver’s screen when the music is playing. You could program your digital radio receiver to display weather updates, traffic reports, and other news.

What is DAB?

Digital audio broadcasting (DAB), also known as digital radio and high-definition radio, is audio broadcasting in which analog audio is converted into a digital signal and transmitted on an assigned channel in the AM or (more usually) FM frequency range.

What is Analogue Radio?

Analogue radio or traditional radio is a terrestrial transmission of an AM or FM frequency through antennae through which tuners in homes or cars may pick up.

What are some of the most popular stations?

Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, iTunes.  These popular stations offer a variety of high definition integrated services intended for use across multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and digital radio receivers.

What are digital radio receivers?

These are radios that are digital similar to traditional radios except updated with wider screens, more information, more interaction, more programming capability, and the ability to access and create customized stations.  New cars may be manufactured with digital radio and may also come with a major digital radio service.

What is WorldDAB?

WorldDAB is the global industry forum for digital radio, facilitating the adoption and implementation of broadcast digital radio based on DAB / DAB+, the digital radio standards of choice for broadcasters across Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions.

What is High Definition (HD) Digital Radio?

High definition is a branding term generally utilized in the US.  It does not denote the quality of digital radio, nor is it distinct from digital audio broadcast (DAB and DAB+) that is the popular standard and technology for the rest of the world.  Digital Radio by its nature is high definition.  The term was original ascribed to a type of tv.

When did digital radio begin?

Around 1990 the first generation of digital radio was born.  Around 2000, effort to integrate digital radio was being made with government communications and beginning to move through the market marked the second generation.  Around 2010, the wide availability and increased number of analogue stations broadcasting a digital signal marked a third generation.  The third generation, where we are now, is also marked by the availability of integration with social media and other mobile devices.