Best Digital Radio Features

Digital Radio is the most recognizable wave of the future of radio.  With the proliferation of smartphones, touch devices, and improves automotive radio, digital radio is an important aspect of customizing a listening experience that also interacts at a level of traditional analogue and surpasses that level with new participatory and customizable solutions.


Digital radio offers some amazing features that allow users to have a fully integrated experience and to discover new tastes and experiences access the globe.  AM and FM are sometimes available on digital signals from specific radio stations that engages a digital user to pick up the broadcast while traveling or through digital radios that operate on broadband.  This type of experience is a growing availability from traditional analogue stations and there are pushes for stations to begin to navigate the financial and technological hurdles to offer digital signals to valued listeners.  For stations that already do, digital radio often offers customizable and interactive experiences.  For instance, the digital audio service iHeartRadio offers users the opportunity to like or vote up traditional analogue playlists, giving radio stations real time feedback as to what is hot or not.  There are also more options on digital radio, so you may find multiple “stations” broadcasting from a signal station due to the ability to generate playlists from millions of songs, podcasts, and talk show options.


Digital radios also offer porting to other devices such as iPod docking, iTunes tagging or functioning as an alarm clock.  Generally, the top reviewed radios offer each of these hardware features.  They may also offer specific apps as digital radio receivers purchases in electronic stores are generally made with large interactive screens.  Their design is generally towards small computers and thus has many similar features to touch screens with some digital radios having video capability and some digital channels offering video experiences.


Digital radios are also integrated with social media.  Although, this is not the case with all digital radios this is the case with some of the top selling digital radios and something to look for as a feature.  Integrating a digital radio with social media as varying levels allows for users to sync with and experience listening with friends across distances.  It also offers valuable feedback that allows companies to determine new services or software that may better facilitate the user experience.


Digital radios also come with warranties that provide help and support, which may be necessary when navigating a new and emerging technology.  This feature, along with video introductions and tutorials, assist users in learning how to maximize and navigate the unique features of each device.  These radios are also available in newer automotive models with specific services already installed such as Pandora or Spotify that give users access to specially designed playlists for long distance travel or simply for lifestyle enjoyment as incentives to include this type of radio within car purchases.


The number and types of ports available for digital radios vary.  Generally, users may want to plug in smartphones and tablets.  Some devices also come with cd players for those who desire this experience and USB ports for uploading or playing music saved from other sources.  Digital radio is definitely a new playing field when it comes to radio and the level of access to internet, satellite and terrestrial radio has expanded to a full global multiplatform and hybrid digital/broadband experience that is easily used.  I emphasized that explaining digital radio is one thing but actually using devices is highly intuitive and comparable to utilizing a smartphone or tablet.



This blog is about digital radios and everything you need to know to make informed decisions about what to look for in the best digital radios across the globe. This blog educates on some of the technology behind digital radios and explains things in a way so that you can understand the technical details and how they are expressed in marketing and regulations within specific countries.

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