All You Need to Know About Digital Radio

Gone are the days to discuss about AM & FM. Now is the time to welcome a new member into the radio family-Digital Radio, a way to the new future.To analog radio, digital radio is similar to what digital television is to the standard analog television. After the instauration of FM back in the 1970s, debut of digital radio is the most significant upgrade to happen in the world of radio.


Digital radioencodes sound signals into digital signals in order to transmit them. The encoded signals are then decodes at the receiver and what you get in the end is the superb CD-like sound quality.Whilst the quality ofAM/FM is affected due to various interferences caused by walls, buildings and other structures; the digital radio filters out all the interferences and the output is highly clear. The only downside is that either you will get a good quality signal or you will get nothing.Moreover, the digital radios are very easy as the listener just has to enter the station name and the radio will automatically lock on the specified station.

Features of Digital Radio

  • Along with the information that can be sent in addition to the sound, the digital radios enable the listeners to view information such as the name of the song playing currently, the station they are on, phone numbers corresponding to the ads, news feeds, album art and what not. Similar to the digital televisions, the digital radios are equipped with on-board storage which allows the listeners to pause and rewind the live radio.
  • Unlike the digital television, which can be watched on the analog television with the addition of a set-top box, digital transmissions can only be listened on new digital radios.The digital radios are not similar to the normal AM and FM radios as a chip is befitted inside the digital radios, which enables it to tune into the DAB+ transmissions.
  • Before you hurry out to buy a brand new digital radio, make sure whether the digital radio has marked its debut in your country. As of now digital radio is available in countries like France, Belgium, China, UK, Australia, Denmark, and South Africa. If we talk about Australia, only a few cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth can enjoy digital radio.


Difference between DAB & DAB+

As compared to DAB, DAB+ is more efficient broadcasting method. Being based on the AAC codes, which have been popularized by the iPod, it is more efficient than the old standard i.e. DAB, as it uses MP2 technology.The standard for digital radio is DAB+ which is not compatible with the older version i.e. DAB. DAB was earlier used in the period between 2003 and 2008 as a trial and is still used in many European countries like the United Kngdom.

Transmission free of interference, provision to pause and rewind, track info, ads info and what not. Digital radio has taken the world of radio by storm. Whilst many countries have already adopted this new technology, many are still following this path to achieve the pleasures of digital radio.

This blog is about digital radios and everything you need to know to make informed decisions about what to look for in the best digital radios across the globe. This blog educates on some of the technology behind digital radios and explains things in a way so that you can understand the technical details and how they are expressed in marketing and regulations within specific countries.

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